Education & Training

MMRC provides culturally and linguistically appropriate trainings and information sessions to individuals, communities, government and non-government organisations. The aim is to increase the knowledge and awareness levels of mainstream service providers to work in culturally and in a competent manner with new and emerging communities.  For more details, please click on the button below.



Family & Settlement

MMRC provides assistance and settlement services to newly arrived humanitarian entrance and Community Detention clients. Those services will allow them to settle in Australian society. This includes play groups, counseling, parenting, migration service, SGP services and advocacy. For more details, please click on the button below.




Youth Support

MMRC provides needs-based support and advocacy for youth. We are creating pathways for young people to connect with local sporting and arts groups to assist them participate in the wider community. This is done through sports, arts and youth development activities. Our wide range of youth support includes basketball, soccer, tennis, music and dance, camps and various youth development projects. For more details on current activities and programs please click the button below.